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I'm Living Below the Line for Malaria No More UK

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To raise awareness extreme poverty by challenging ourselves to 'live below the line' for five days. In doing so, we hope to raise more than £400 to help the 1.4billion people in the world currently living in this state of extreme poverty.


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Phenomenal achievement!


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Good luck - am sure it will give you a whole new view on what a fiver can buy.


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Nearly there - really impressed by the amazing meals you've produced on so little money.


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Good luck everyone


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Good luck guys


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Enjoy your bean curry!


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Good luck team!!


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last day ... phew
Jackie Kerslake

22nd June 2012

Friends and family - who needs them when they scoff chocolate cake right in front of you.. yes, you know who you are! If I do this again I am defintately going to make sure i either do NOT go out at all, or that everyone else does it with me. Cold risotto at the cricket and tap water did not compare well with the picnic everyone else consumed last night. Anyway, last day .. porridge as usual this morning; pasta, pesto and peas for lunch and I have a chick pea and lentil curry and rice to look forward to. And then tomorrow is my niece's wedding, and I am looking forward to the wedding breakfast and a glass of fizz to cheer their wellbeing! Thanks for reading.

parties and below the line do not mix
Jackie Kerslake

21st June 2012

I mentioned yesterday that I had to go to a client party last night; well it was more of a challenge than I thought. Firstly getting a glass of TAP and not bottled water was tricky with very odd looks from client and waiting staff. But was more difficult was the smell of champagne everywhere (and those that know me know I love fizz) and then all the food being passed around in front of me. The smell and my hunger did it for me in the end and I had to leave after 1.5 hours with a bit of a headache. God, did my bean curry and rice taste good when I got home! Tonight I am at the Twenty20 cricket at Lords with friends and family who have coordinated a picnic with sausages, quiche, nibble, birthday cake and yes, you have guessed it, more champagne! I have got tap water and rissotto and another cheap bread roll!!! and here is a photo of today's lunch - minestrone (heavy on the spaghetti) with a bread roll, and no it is not a gin and tonic in the mug - it is water with mint leaves!

getting hungry
Jackie Kerslake

20th June 2012

Day Three and the lack of food is now accumulating; we have just had a delicious Spanish omlette but it was not enough. And I have to go to a client party tonight (I have already briefed them to expect me to drink tap water and NOT to eat canapes); but I know I will be hungry when I get there. Might need to nibble my dinner before I go...

Reflection on day one
Jackie Kerslake

19th June 2012

Well, it was ok yesterday - the humous was tasty thanks to lots of home-grown garlic and a home-grown and dried chilli; and the bread - again home-made, was good with the humous for lunch. Dinner last night was chicken, peas, pots and home-grown carrots and garlic cooked in the slow cooker so we had a good sauce - and it was fine! I had shared it out in the office earlier. Whilst my family had chilli bean enchilladas and sour cream and guacomole and LOTS of red wine .. tsk! I used the left-over chicken and stock and carrots to make soupt with beans for lunch today; so hope that is ok!!

The Last Supper
Ellie Swift

18th June 2012

A couple of months ago the suggestion to Live Below the Line arose within our office, to a mixed response. While most people ducked their heads, five of us agreed to a week of living on £1 per day for five days – about half the price you would pay for a single cup of coffee in London. We understand this is something that will be a challenge, so have banded together to create a meal plan for the five days (a different person for a different day) to be able to create as much food and variety as possible. The creation of the meal plan involved five creative heads, one trusty calculator and the realisation that asda is much cheaper than all other supermarkets! It appears we’re learning a lot already. The rules are many and varied – no accepting food donations from others, no liquids other than water unless added into the daily costs and all costs MUST be divided into the appropriate portions. My last meal was rather boring (see below) but only because I was so excited to gorge on mango and cherries all evening! It turns out fruit is really rather expensive, and it also happens to be my favourite type of food! Thank goodness we’ve allowed for some frozen berries in our breakfast oats. So as I eat my last supper with a glass of wine (sorry, did I forget to mention no alcohol for five days?), I’m trying to look at the week ahead as something of a positive as it allows my body to have a detox. I will be blogging as I go so stay tuned to see the progress of the Flagship Consulting team. If you would like to donate to support this great cause I would be eternally grateful. You can do so through the following link : Ellie x

Day one started
Jackie Kerslake

18th June 2012

Porridge and water and a smidgeon of milk, 4 frozen berries and one of my cups of tea (have two allowed) - breakfast for the next 5 days. Missing the honey already!

Starting tomorrow ...
Jackie Kerslake

17th June 2012

well tomorrow we start! I have been weighing and measuring and comparing prices to see where to get the cheapest ingredients and think we are ready. When we took this on I was determined that we would try and see if we could live on a £1 per day and do it in a nutrionally valuable way. And I think mostly we will, thanks to pulses / lentils and time! For there is no doube if you have time to plan and soak beans etc then you can just about do it. It also helps to do it together, to live on £5 for 5 days would be very dull by yourself but I think we have come up with a mixed and balanced diet for 5 days. I am sure we will be hungry and miss things; I will miss my 'nightly' Green and Blacks chocolate; Belinda is worrying about tea with no sugar and we will all miss our glass of wine (or two). We have rationed ourselves to 2 teas or coffees a day ( I had to brief my tea-shop at the railway station that I would just collect a newspaper in the morning and NOT to give me a tea!!). And we have no allowance for snaks during the day which will be a struggle for me. Not for biscuits or cakes but I will miss having nuts and fruit during the day. And that has been the biggest shock is the cost of fruit. Protein is quite cheap as are carbs, btu fruit and veg - well grow your own is the only answer!