Sam and Ali


In today's world, extreme poverty and inequality are unjustifiable and unfair. Live Below the Line demonstrates the problem in a concrete way, while raising money to address the problem. Please help support us, and our chosen charity AfriKids by donating now! Ali's blog of the Live Below the Line experience -


Hazel Rowson donated

Good job guys!


Sam Taylor work colleagues donated


Stephen Clark donated

Well done guys... Fabulous achievement!


Elspeth Ingleby donated

Well done guys - glad you both survived without resorting to violence against wildlife!


Stuart Stronach donated

I'd struggle to get enough Diet Coke for 1 day on what you lived on for a week - well done!


Katie Barretta donated

You showed when you LBTL its not just hard to eat but hard to function. No food = no work = no money = no food. A vicious circle.


Annabell Ison donated

You're braver people than me, not sure id last on your rations!!


Alice Wyatt donated

One more day Sam (and Ali!) Impressed with the inventive meals. Bring on Saturday x x


Lizzie Heslop donated

Good luck to the both of you. I wish I had your spirit and tenacity! xx


Joel Taylor donated

So you diet for a week then eat me out of house and home next week!


Doug Simpson donated

Admirable effort for a worthy cause. If I catch you earing a bag of crisps yr in trouble


Luke Donaldson donated

Good Luck Ali - Grubes


Steve Ingleby donated

Good luck Ali & Sam. I will be thinking of you whilst I am tucking into my ..... (no that would be cruel)!!


Sam Taylor donated


Kate Sheridan donated

This is such a great challenge and awareness raiser. Looking forward to reading your blog! xx


Nick Sexton donated


Ali Ingleby donated

To get the ball rolling...the rest of my weekly shopping budget!


The beginning...

24th April 2014

This is like one of those two for the price of one deals (which is ironic as even they will be out of our LBTL budget!) - you donate and get to watch two people going through the Live Below the Line experience. We will each be taking on the £1 a day challenge individually, supporting each other despite being 200 miles apart! And there may well be a bit of culinary competition... ;o)

We'll be raising money to help fight extreme poverty in Ghana - you can find out more about AfriKid's work here -

Ali will be blogging at with daily updates of our culinary creations (ok, that may be going a bit far...) and whose meals we reckon are the tastiest...