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This year I am doing LBTL for my favourite causes that work to eradicate extreme poverty on the global stage. I have done this before, it is quite an experience both in shopping, cooking and eating. It gave me a new relationship with food, packaging and people in extreme poverty but its only a small step far removed from their reality as I still get to use my car, phone, tap, toilet, NHS, internet, town and country services. I do this as a commitment to


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Well done for going a great further than just donating to a great cause.


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Thanks to Denise for the in hand donation!


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Fantastic Nick, well done - again!


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Concern UK and Concer Worldwide, keep going, great work!!


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Concern for 1.2 living on $1.25 is easy, doing what concern does is more challenging, pleased to support you!


£1 of food a day, so what???

4th May 2014

What does £1 of food represent? The choice of shop or supermarket? The choice of packaging? The choice of preparation and cooking method? Well that's for us, with all our electricity and gas, health and education, consumption and endulgance. But for those who live in extreme poverty the real issue is NO CHOICE! They can only have what is there, they consume their daily resources, they sustain themself from one day to the next but have little or no choice but to survive, they have no means to save for a rainy day, no means to pay for all of other lifes necessities let alone with deal with emergencies. With poor health and poor education emergencies can become an everyday event, with families and children the sacrifice if one is ill can be huge, it can mean the difference between the family eating or a child getting healthcare and medicine that they have to buy. There is much being said about #belowtheline from many quarters and many bloggers, fact is this is all about us with choice and over 1 Billion who have no choice! They dont want a hand out, they want a hand up to allow them to be the people they are and live safely with dignity and self determination. £1 is choice, lets choose to at least understand, the facts are out there! #MDG #zeropoverty2030 #belowtheline